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Mark your calendar, today is an important day. Today you are embarking on a new journey that, with hard work, will result in a new career and a new trajectory for your life. That’s a big deal.

Product management is an exciting—and quickly growing—career field. If you find it a bit confusing, you are not alone. Product manager (PM, for short) can mean different things in different companies. Some PMs are technical. Some are more oriented toward sales or product development. And there are varieties, like product owners or product marketing managers. The good news? All of this means there are a lot of opportunities for people like you to find their first foothold.

In this program, you'll learn the essential skills of product management. In a few short months, you will know much more about how businesses work, what product managers do for them, and how to demonstrate the skills you've learned to a hiring manager.

Your next job is our future success story - we will do everything in our power to support you. There will be difficult days (or even weeks), but with your hard work and dedication, you will launch a new career and become a successful product manager.

In the next orientation module, you will dive into key information about the program, expectations you need to meet to succeed, and the tools and teams that are here to support you. Let’s go!

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